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"Finding and Following God’s Mission for your Family & Children" by Annie & Scott Powell - Camp Wojtyla (August 12, 2021)

"Marriage" by Mike & Alicia Hernon (07/21/2021)

"Catholic Dating & Marriage" by Chris ♥ Natalie Stefanick (June 24, 2021)

"The Holy Trinity" by Father Brian Larkin (06/07/2020)

"What is Faith?" by Fr. Brian Larkin (05/17/2020)

"My Father's House" by Father Brian Larkin (05/10/2020)

"Jesus, Give us Eternal Life" - by Father Brian Larkin (03/29/2020)

"The Power of Prayer - Faith & Works" by Fr Andre Mahanna (02/10/2020)

"Waking with Mary in Advent" - by Dr. Edward Sri (12/05/2019)

"The King of the Universe" by Father Brian Larkin (11/24/2019)

"Heaven is Real" - by Father Brian Larkin (11/10/2019)

"Architecture and Beauty" - by Adam Hermanson (08/22/2019)

"Liturgy" - by Father Brian Larkin (07/25/2019)

"The Ascension of the Lord" a Christian-Political Feast - by Father Brian Larkin

"Students for Life of America, Gala 2019" Keynote address by Jason S. Jones

"March for Life 2019" Colorado State Capitol (01/12/2019)  

"Responding to Gender Confusion" by Dr. Susan Selner-Wright

"A Voice Crying out in the Desert" by Father Brian Larkin

"St. John Paul II & the Drama of the Modern Church" by Dr. Edward Sri

"About the Scandal in the Church" by Father Brian Larkin

"Only In God": by Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Choir, Denver CO

"Henri de Lubac & the Obedience of Faith" by Father Brian Larkin

"I Am the Good Shepherd" by Father Brian Larkin

"Dorothy Day" by Dr. Terrence C. Wright

"The Transfiguration: From Darkness to Light" by Father Brian Larkin

"The Mercy of God" by Father Brian Larkin

"Until you have cried you don't know God" by Deacon Darell Nepil

"Do you Know that you have a Mission?" by Father Brian Larkin

"Leprosy and Sin" by Father Brian Larkin

"Slavery and Christianity" by Father Brian Larkin

"St. Gianna B Molla" by Dr. Gianna E Molla

"From Pro-Choice to Pro-Life" by Dr. Anthony Levatino, MD

"La Transfiguración de Jesús" Rvd. Padre Ariel Zuñiga Oblitas OFM Cap.



"The Lord's Prayer & The New Exodus" by Father Brian Larkin (03/11/2017)

"Spiritual Reflections" by Father Timothy Hjelstrom (02/15/2017)

"March for Life 2017" Colorado State Capitol (01/14/2017)

"Life is Always a Gift" by Jennifer O'Neill (01/30/2016)

"March for Life" Colorado State Capitol (January 17, 2015)

"Jason Scott Jones" at the Beacon of Hope Gala, Denver, CO (01/31/2015)

"Suffering with Faith: The Antidote to Physician Assisted Suicide" by Archbishop Samuel Aquila

"Love in Time of Controversy" by E. Christian Brugger, PhD

"To Stand with the Lord" by Archbishop Samuel Aquila

"Fornight for Freedom" Prayer in the Square: Denver, CO" (Various Speakers)

"To see as God sees every time we see a patient" by Monsignor Edward L. Buelt

"The Philosophy of Sex: a Look into Human Sexuality" by Dawn Eden

"Encountering Christ in Lent" by Father Jim Crisman

"Abby Johnson: A pro-choice to Pro-life Conversion" by Abby Johnson

"Catholic End of Life Care" Panel of Experts Presentation

"The Immaculate Conception" by Most Reverend Bishop Michael J. Sheridan

"Vatican II, Catholic Culture and the Year of Faith" by Dr. Regis Martin (10/10/2012)

"Marriage, Theology of the Body & the Gift of Faith" by Archbishop Samuel Aquila

"My Quest for The Truth" by Ricardo Simmonds

"Finding the Grandeur in the Ordinary Life" by Jeanette DeMelo

"Encountering Jesus Christ" by Cardinal Francis Arinze (09/18/2012)

"Religious Liberty & Conscience Protection" by Archbishop Samuel Aquila

"Evangelization in the Work Place" by Sam Mazzarelli (FOCUS)

"Understanding the Medica and the Message" by Patrick Coffin

"The Defense of Religious Freedom & Catholicism in America" by Jonathan Reyes

"Father-Son: Teenage Chastity" by Celeste Thomas



"The Confession" Best Short Film of International Catholic Film Festival - 2016

"The Jesus Strand: A Search for DNA" by History Channel

"The Face of Jesus Uncovered" by History Channel

"Bella Natural Women's Care and Family Wellness" From Catholic News Agency

"Superman & Christmas" by Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen -1960s

"Remembering Who We Are and the Story We Belong To" by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M., Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

"Death with Dignity - No to Prop106" by Archdiocese of Denver

"John Paul II & Mother Teresa of Calcutta, beautiful friendship"EWTN

"Palliative Care at Divine Mercy" from Archdiocese of Denver on Vimeo

"Discurso del Papa Francisco, Congreso de EE.UU. - Set. 25, 2015" UNIVISION

"Pope Francis Address to USA Congress - Sept. 25, 2015" by C-SPAN

"What's it like to photograph the Pope?" Courtesy of National Geographic

"2014 Archbishop's Catholic Appeal" by Archdiocese of Denver

"The Christmas Candle" (Trailer) by Max Lucado

"EWTN - Best and Worst of 2013" by EWTN

"The Gospel of John" (The film)

"Burning and demolition of Sohag Diocese, Egypt" courtesy of MSN Direct

"Pulpit Freedom Sunday" by Father Andrew Kemberling, St. Thomas Church

"In the Womb" by National Geographic Channel

"Christ in the City: Loving until it hurts" by Christ in the City (CIC) Productions

"Politics and Catholics" by Archbishop Charles Chaput

"The Silent Scream" by Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson

"Why I am here - Dublin Pro-Life Vigil" by Pro Life Ireland

"Pope Francis blesses disabled boy" by Fox News

"The Church: Natural Enemy of Sexualityism" by Dr. Helen Alvaré

"The Chastity Education Initiative" by Archdiocese of Chicago.

"Sam Mazzarelli's Story" by Sam Mazzarelli (FOCUS)

"Why must we confess our sins to a priest?" by Msgr. Eric Barr (Diocese of Rockford, IL)

"Archbishop Fulton Sheen Videos" by Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

"The Mystery of the Rosary" documentary on the Rosary, by QuietWatersMedia


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